Fellowes MC-450c Shredder for Paper, Card, CDs and DVDs

DS360 CD/DVD ShredderPaper is cross-cut, whilst CDs and DVDs are cut into strips using the dedicated slot (see below)

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SHREDS/DESTROYS CDs and DVDs (and other papers)

We are regularly asked for a way to destroy discs, and the only effective way is to make the data inaccessible is to actually physically break the disc, but...

Do not try and snap the disc!

This is incredibly dangerous as shards of sharp plastic can fly everywhere.

The only safe way for you to destroy a disc is by using a good shredder, and we've tried and tested the MC-450C and it does a really good job if you need to destroy a few discs at a time.

If, however, you need to destroy large numbers of discs you will have to seek an alternative - possibly the local incinerator, or an industrial shredder (these cost over £1000!).

The MC-450c is a very nice piece of equipment, it is ultra quiet, safe, efficient and will take care of all your shredding needs including paper, credit cards, and of course discs.

So, don’t fall prey to theft of your confidential information! Destroy your CDs, DVDs, photos, credit cards and documents quickly and effortlessly..

Built for deskside, moderate-use.

We have negotiated a very special price with Fellowes for this shredder...

just £189.55 + VAT *** Call for Availability ***

Product Features

• 7 sheet capacity
• Microshred cut size (2x8mms)
• Level 4 Security
• 220mm throat width
• Electronic auto-start
• Ergonomic front feed mechanism
• Thermal overload protection + indicator
• Extended running time
• Accepts small staples and paperclips
• Heavy-duty motor
• Separate throat for shredding CDs
• SafeSense safety switching
• 20 litre cabinet style bin with internal pull-out basket
• Castors
• Unit Weight 16.5kg
• Unit Dimensions 575x354x290mms


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