Destroying CDs and DVDs

Discs can contain valuable and sensitive information.

As you are looking at this page, we know you use CDs and DVDs. And it is easy to have secure information stored on these discs especially if you use them as backups. So when it comes to throwing out your old discs you need to make sure that no-one can read this information - if you are a business this may be required as part of the Data Protection Act.

The only way to make a disc safe is to physically destroy it; merely damaging the surface of the disc is not a secure solution.

We are often asked how best to achieve this.

DON'T be tempted to snap the disc!

This is incredibly dangerous as shards of sharp plastic can fly everywhere.

Disc Shredding

The only safe, cost-effective, way for you to properly destroy a disc is by using a good, purpose built shredder.

We've tried and tested the Fellowes MC-450c does a really good job if you need to destroy a few discs at a time. It also acts as a normal paper/card shredder. And it is very quiet. For more information click here.

If you need to destroy large numbers of discs you will have to seek an alternative - possibly the local incinerator, or an industrial shredder (but these will cost over £1000).

So, don't fall prey to theft of your confidential information.

Destroy your CDs, DVDs, photos, credit cards and documents quickly and effortlessly.

Fellowes MC450c Shredder

A Fellowes Disc and
Paper Shredder


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