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Inkjet Printable Archive Quality CDRs and DVD-Rs

If you need the very best discs in order to archive your important data/audio/images etc, then these ASTC Certified discs are the obvious choice.

The discs have a white ink-jet printable face, which can be printed or written on (with a CD/DVD pen).

The Key to Long Term Archiving

For long-term archiving using optical discs, the challenge is always “the media has to be recorded properly”.

It goes without saying that the media quality must be suitable for long term archiving, but it also requires the use of high quality drives to record the data correctly.

Until now it has been difficult to properly validate archival standards due to the lack of a common system solution and there are no standards in the market that define the “rule” that has to be followed by those who need to retain the important data on optical discs. The initial writing error rate has a direct impact on the length of archival lifetime.

The existence of an ISO standard for operations is not widely known in the industry. The ISO standard, ISO/IEC29121, defines the migration timing and a safe level of error rate at the time of writing and during storage.

JVC Archival Grade DVD-R

In response to strong demand from archivists, government agencies and service providers for a recording medium that will retain important data to the highest possible standard, JVC Advanced Media, the world’s leading manufacturer of optical discs, developed the “Archival Grade DVD-R”. This coupled with the fact that there is no worldwide standard that defines the test method to estimate the longevity of optical discs, has caused many misunderstandings in this industry regarding archival grade products.

JVC Advanced Media has now introduced the world's first DVD-R in compliance with ISO/IEC10995, the industry standard that defines the test method for estimating DVD-R longevity.

Archival Grade DVD-R passes ISO/IEC10995 test

Optical disc manufacturers have been claiming archival lifetime based on the result of testing performed without the clearly stated critical test details or important factors for long term archiving. The ISO/IEC10995 test is a very reliable and stringent test method which takes fluctuation in disc quality into consideration and eliminates factors unrelated to longetivity estimation.

The ordinary test method that most manufacturers use is to take a simply average value in each test conditions for the estimation. As a result, claims of longevity vary from 30-100 years. This simple average creates a probability that 50% of the result is below the average. The ISO/IEC10995 test does not define the length of longevity, however it says 95% of the discs have to survive for over 30 years at the condition of 25°C and 50% relative humidity.

Unique Features of JVC Archive Grade

Archival lifetime could be affected by the storage capability of DVD-R. It goes without saying that rigorous specifications for the electrical and mechanical characteristics of the DVD-R are important, but the raw materials used for the DVD-R, such as reflective layer and organic dye, are also vital.

A “Special Silver Alloy” is employed on the reflective layer.

As you may know, there are existing DVD-R discs that employ “gold” on the reflective layer. Its purpose is to minimise the degradation of the layer during long-term storage. However, generally speaking, the reflectivity (an important parameter for writing process) of gold is lower than that of silver. Simply changing the material in that layer may cause an escalated writing error rate, which affects the lifetime of recorded discs. Additionally, JVC use silver based reflective layer because most of the drives in the market are designed with silver reflective layer discs and the best compatibility between these are secured.

JVC Archival Grade DVD-Rs employ a uniquely developed “special alloy” on the silver based reflective layer to maintain suitable reflectivity so that long-term storage capability can coexist.

Uniquely designed organic dye

The design of the organic dye is also important for long-term archiving. Additives developed in-house are used for the organic dye for JVC’s archival grade DVD-Rs. This minimises decomposition of the organic dye by heat or light during long-term storage since the signal (data) cannot be read back if the dye is decomposed.

JVC Hard Coat Technology provides extra protection

A special coating on the recording surface creates a hard coating and protects your important data from scratches, fingerprint, and dust.

JVC’s Solution Complies to:

ISO/IEC10995. International standard defining the test method to estimate DVD-R longetivity.


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