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Fellowes/Neato Kit
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The Fellowes/Neato CD/DVD Labelling System

Here you have everything you need to label CDs, DVDs, and to produce Jewel case trayliners and booklets.

The Fellowes/Neato CD/DVD Labelling System includes:

  • The NEATO CD Label Applicator
  • Huge assortment of NEATO Labels and Jewel Case Parts
  • MediaFACE 5 Software Disc:
    • Design Software (PC) on CD ROM
    • Digital Background ART for Labels and Inserts
    • Templates for popular graphic programs (MAC/PC).

This item is currently out of stock, but we can supply compatible labels


Create your own artwork on your computer using the NEATO software/templates

Print on laser or inkjet printer using NEATO CD labels and jewel case inserts

Using the NEATO applicator, apply labels... perfectly every time!



  1. Peel label and place on base (adhesive side up)
  2. Holding CD disc by the edges, place over central post of plunger data side up
  3. Push down on centre of the compact disc
  4. Your CD is labelled perfectly every tim.e

We can supply additional labels, click for more information.


updated: Sep.2019
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