Disc Packaging

cdr audio new packaging

Standard Jewel Cases (clear tray)

cdr audio new packaging

Paper Wallets (with window)

cdr audio new packaging

DVD Case / Video Box

150micron Poly-Wallets

Standard Jewel Cases

These are high quality jewel cases supplied in two parts - the main element being a clear plastic hinged outer in which a black or clear tray is fitted. A booklet/cover page can be inserted inside the hinged outer, and a trayliner fitted behind the tray.

Paper Sleeves

A low cost packaging option consisting of a thin paper sleeve with clear window and non-sealing flap.

DVD Cases (Video Boxes)

A popular hinged DVD case with a clear plastic cover behind which a cover sheet can be inserted. There are also clips inside the case for holding a booklet, if required.

Clear Polywallets

We supply a clear plastic wallets with flap, similar to those found on the front of magazines. Being 150 microns thick theses are more substantial than most similar wallets


We can also supply most other types of disc packaging in most colours/finishes. Please contact us if you have specific requirements.

Clear Polypropylene Walletts
Standard Jewel Case (clear or black tray)
0.20 ea.
Paper Sleeve (white with window).
DVD Case / Video box (black)
0.25 ea.
150 micron Polypropylene Wallet (flap)
prices exclude VAT

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