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IMPORTANT: Some pens (especially ball point pens) will damage the surface of a CDR, and render the disc ineffective. TDK CD-R pens are specially designed for writing on recordable compact discs.

Disc damage can occur in one of two ways...

Firstly the pen's point can actually scratch the reflective layer of the disc cause instant read/write problems.

Damage can also be caused by the longterm "agressive" action of the ink on the reflective surface. In this case the disc will record okay, but over a period of time the data will become corrupt and the disc will fail.

CD/DVD pens are specifically designed to minimise both these problems.

This pack consists of four pens (red, blue, black, green), and is available now from SRTL

Don't risk damage to your CDs, CDRs, DVDs or DVD-Rs..

The price is just £2.97 plus VAT (£3.56)

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