TDK CD-R Audio Discs

TDK CDR Audio Disc and TDK CDRW Audio Disc The green packed disc has been re-branded with new packaging (below)...

cdr audio new packaging The actual disc appearance remains very much the same.

The -RW variant is no longer available

TDK CD-R Audio (RXG) Discs
CD-R80 Audio
CD-RW80 Audio
no longer available
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IMPORTANT: These discs have been rebranded by TDK. They are also no longer identified as CD-RXG and CD-RWXG discs but the simplified CDR-Audio and CDRW-Audio.

CD-R Audio and CD-RW Audio discs from TDK

TDK's CDR Audio discs are ideally suitable for all Digital Audio recording applications, and can be used with all types of CD Recorder and writer including Philips, Pioneer and Marantz standalone CD recorders.

Note that in keeping with the rest of the industry TDK phased out 74 minute (650Mb) discs in favour of 80 minute (700 Mb) discs.

New silver print and recording surfaces

TDK have re-designed these discs so that the recording surface is shiny-silver, and the print surface matt-silver. This means that these discs can take a CD label and look really good with no "show-through".

High sensitivity recording layer ensuring optimum compatibility.

TDK's CD-R Audio discs have a highly sensitive recording layer which is made from a TDK organic dye material. Thanks to this material, even relatively low intensity recording laser beams will be accurately recorded, achieving a low error rate. Hence, TDK's CD-R Audios guarantees flawless compatibility with all of today's consumer audio CD-R recorders and CD players.

CD-R Audio discs with outstanding mechanical and optical characteristics

The materials used in the manufacture of Audio CD-Rs and the manufacturing process itself, are subject to strict quality control procedures to ensure a product that exhibits superior performance and flawless reliability under all conditions of use. The substrate onto which the recording layer is coated is made by precision injection moulding from a high-quality polycarbonate resin material having exceptional purity and transparency. As a result, outstanding optical and mechanical characteristics are achieved.

The tasks of a high-performance reflective layer.

TDK's CD-R Audio discs features a reflective layer made by gold sputtering to enhance the disk sensitivity to the laser beam. It excels with outstanding heat dissipation, which is an important factor in the accurate forming of the recording pits. In addition, gold is highly resistant to moisture and corrosion, providing the recording layer with added protection by itself.

High-durability protective layer shields the recording layer from external influences.

A CD-R can only achieve a long service life and flawless reliability if protected against certain adverse environmental conditions. TDK's CD-R Audio discs features a highly-durable protective layer made of special resin that protects the recording and reflective layers against external influences. Amongst others, the resistance of the protective layer against moisture and corrosion ensures that recorded data will remain safe for years.

Title area for direct entry of disc title information.

Thanks to a special coating, information such as the disc title and contents can be written directly onto the label side of the disc, using an oil-based soft-tip pen. So you won't lose track of your original recordings and compilations.


Item CD-AUDIO 80
Recording / playback times 80 minutes
Outer diameter 80 min: 120 mm +/-0.3
Centre hole diameter 15.0 mm +0.1/0
Total thickness of substrate 1.2 mm +0.3/-0.1
Substrate Polycarbonate
Recording layer Organic dye
Reflective layer Gold
Protective layer UV-set resin
Reflectivity > 60%
Optical retardation +/- 40 rim (double pass)
Recording power 6 - 7 mW (1=785iim, NA: 0.5)
Radial runoiit < 60 (p-p)
Maximum tilt +/-0.3 degree
Recording time / Scanning velocity
80 min. 1.11 m/s
Block error less than 20 cps
Playback stability more than 1 million times
Recording environment
Temperature . -5' to 55'
% RH : 10 to 95
Playback environment
Temperature : -40' to 70' C
% RH : 10 to 95
all information courtesy of TDK (UK) Limited
updated: Sep.2015 Record House, Emsworth, Hampshire address